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Moder Gray-wobbler

Eldjotnar (Fire Giant)

Raiment: Distinctive gloves or boots

Habiliment: Cheap or threadbare cloth

Clan Home: Cavern Complex    Clan Relationship/Standing: Honored, Revered, or Lauded

Alliance: Beasts or Animals    Enemy: A specific jotunn, risi, or troll

Adventure Hook: Eliminate a rival

Animus: Loss or regret

Flaw: Abusive. Improperly treates guests, servants, and kin

Facets & Characteristics: Insecure, Obstinate, Grouchy

Roll Debugger

0 d66 35 22 51 12 32 8 5 22 46 2d6 11 6 5 12 10 7 7 3d6 12 5